Saturday, February 19, 2011

REALITY...sets in

....So, we have been going through the daily "rituals" of managing a child with Type 1 Diabetes...We check Sydney's glucose by poking her finger & checking numbers on a little machine call a blood glucose monitor....We do this 6-8 times a day.    The "normal" ranges for her Endo are 80-140....Unfortunately lately Sydney has been NO where near these numbers....She had a little bout with strep a couple weeks ago & then a touch of influenza this week....and this apparently reeks havoc on blood glucose.

We have been in constant contact with her Endo....she is currently at 3 shots a am & pm Lantus, which is long range insulin & we began bolusing (mealtime) insulin with her breakfast about a week ago to "try" & help her body level out....It doesn't seem to be, on Monday the Endo is going to review her numbers & we are likely going to be adding bolusing shots to her lunch & dinner meals....GREAT...NOT!!!!

We talked with Sydney this past week about adding MORE shots....she didn't take it well....To see your child cry & say she HATES Diabetes & that it is NOT FAIR is hard.....I had NO idea about how much was involved with managing a child with Diabetes....I wish that I didn't have to know....I am thankful for my faith & know that God will carry me through this....He has a plan for my child....He knows that she is destined for GREAT things....