Sunday, March 27, 2011

WOW......learning new things.

So, I have been "studying" a little bit for our class on Insulin Corrections...

Learned a "scary" thing....there is a "thing" called...Insulin Sensitivity Factor (ISF)..Basically, you do some calculations & figure out how much 1 unit of Insulin will reduce Sydney's blood glucose.

Right now, today....Sydney's ISF is 360....So, this means that 1 unit of insulin will reduce her bg by 360...WOW!!   0.5 units will reduce her bg by 180......

This is why "JUST" making an error of administering 0.5 units of insulin too much could be Life threatening for Sydney....of course realizing that you made an error is crucial.  I made this error a few weeks ago with her fast acting insulin....It was a bit scary.   To correct the error...we tested her bg more frequently, let her know about the error, so that she could tell us if she was feeling low, and treated her when it DID go low.    I think that Sydney kind of "enjoyed" the error....she ended up getting a few treats that she normally wouldn't be allowed to have...Thank you Mr. Tootie Roll

The key is to administer "fast acting" carbs to bring her bg up fast.  There is a 15/15 Rule.....You give 15 grams of fast acting carbs (juice, glucose tab, regular soda) and re-test her bg in 15 minutes....You ALWAYS treat a low even if she is getting ready to eat a meal.  This way we can administer the "correct" amount of insulin for her meal.

Once you get her bg up to an acceptable range...we then give a snack that will keep her there; something with protein or a bit of fat.  Like an ice cream sandwich, a peanut butter sandwich or pb crackers...  If it is time for a meal...there is no need to give a snack, just count carbs like usual and administer the appropriate amount of insulin.

Mistakes are GOING to happen.  We have to know how to deal with them when they happen.   Hopefully, I can study enough to know when & what to do....and get this info passed on to those that also need to know.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

....really, this is REAL????? :o(

...reality sometimes hits when you least expect it.   I feel like the last 6 months has been a bit of a blurrrrrrrr; like we have been stuck in this bad dream or something; realizing that this is not a dream is hard.

Saying it out loud is hard....I called my homeowners insurance company the other day to see about getting insurance on Sydney's pump.   I knew the person at the office, but they didn't know that Sydney had Diabetes...I had to say it..."Sydney was diagnosed with Type 1 several months ago..."   As soon as the words were eyes filled with tears, I had a huge lump in my throat......reality sucks.

Knowing that there is something wrong with your child, that YOU can do nothing about is hard.  I know that God is with us everyday....he is carrying this burden for us.   Most days everything seems to be on "auto-pilot" checks, counting carbs, shots....everything gets so busy you don't get much time to just take care of things the best that you can.

I have people who tell me that I am strong...they have no idea....I don't "feel" strong.  I feel like a mom that is doing the best that I can....I pray everyday (several times) for God to carry my burdens, to help me be strong, and to watch over Sydney & take care of her....  There is no way I can do it all.....learning to lean on other people is something that I have to work on.  Fred is an amazing husband & dad who is there everyday & through everything with us.... I have an amazing best friend...Kelly...she is wonderful & I am thankful for her everyday.   She helps me to be strong when I don't feel like it, she lets me cry on her shoulder, she gives me hugs when I need them....and the list goes on.    Jackie, our school nurse....has been amazing as well.

Learning to trust other people with your child having Type 1 is hard.  I feel like we learn new things everyday, it is really hard to keep everything about Syd updated & passed on to everyone....but, we do the best that we can.

I guess staying busy with things, helps me to NOT think about all the bad....and just focus on Life's "moments". They are what is most important. :o)

...a day of kite Flying

Friday, March 18, 2011

...Everyday is a NEW day...

...people ask me how is Syd doing...I never know what to say.   I wish that I could learn to say..."she's doing great" and just go on.  Everyday is a new day. 

Before Syd was diagnosed, I had NO idea what Type 1 Diabetes was, nor did I know what it entailed everyday.  Today, I wish that I still didn't know....

This is Sydney's "typical" day....

6:30am           Wake up, Check blood sugar, take Lantus (long acting insulin) shot

7am                Breakfast, count carbs eaten at breakfast (we count carbs to know how MUCH insulin to  give).....Humalog shot

9:30am           Check blood sugar....(if low she needs a snack to bring it up/if high may need another shot)

11:30am         lunchtime, check blood sugar before lunch, count carbs eaten at lunch, Humalog shot

1:30pm           Check blood sugar........(will need to treat if low or high)

3:45Pm           Arrive at babysitter from school/Check blood sugar....(she usually has a snack)

6pm                dinnertime, check blood sugar before dinner, count carbs eaten at dinner, Humalog shot

8pm                 Check blood sugar, Syd's level must be above 115 before bed, or we have to have a snack before going to sleep....if she is low, we may have to check at midnight and again during the night.

If her blood sugar is low or high during the day....we have to treat may be getting a snack, getting another shot, checking her urine for keytones, drinking some water, exercising, call her Diabetes Team.....whatever is needed to get her numbers into range....normal blood glucose range is 80-140.  At times Syd has been as high as 493 and as low as 53.

If her blood sugar is below 60.....she HAS to be treated, if she goes too low, she could have a seizure or become unresponsive.  Lows are what scare me....

If her blood sugar is high/over 240...she HAS to be treated, if she goes too high, her body could get sick & over time this can damage various body organs.

These are all things that we have to do daily to manage Sydney's diabetes...they are NOT an option.   So, if you happen is ask me..."How is Syd doing?"  Well, the answer is she is doing great, she is almost 7 yrs old and handling all these "things" daily like a trooper......I am so thankful for the strength God has given her and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pumping will begin........SOON, very, very SOON....

....Just received a call from Children's Mercy to set up our pumping class.  Actually, not really a is a one on one session.  We are set up for April 30th & will be pumping by the time we leave CM that afternoon....WOW.

So....a little over a month from now....should give me plenty of time to read these manuals & complete the on-line classes....

We have our "insulin correction" class set up for April 1st & our next Endo appt is May 9th....Everything seems to be falling into place....not too fast, and not too slow. 

This is how we do it....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My amazing little "Sunshine" girl....

Sydney's Life & ours has changed so much in the last 6, 6 months....She has decided this past week that SHE is THE shot giver....not something that I would have EVER even thought about 6 months ago.  I do believe that she is the bravest person I know. 

I am sooooo very proud of her...every moment of every day.   I was really worried about how she would handle everything & how it would affect her school work & activities....but, she is doing amazing.  Actually, better than amazing...she has straight A's & is in the advanced reading group in her 1st grade class. 

I have a very strong little girl, who is going to become an amazing woman someday....Today she was upset & said...."Mom, I am never gonna be a superstar"  I asked her why NOT?  She said, "I don't have any of my own songs...."   I told her to write some....a few hours later....she sang me her first "original" song...That's my girl   :o)

...Enter the idea of Insulin Pumping...

...alot has happened since my last entry.   We started "bolusing" breakfast, lunch, and dinner; then ended up dropping her nighttime Lantus shot & added that dose to the am Lantus shot....So, this all equals having 4 shots a day.  Sydney is NOT happy with getting 4 shots a day  :o(   

We spoke with the Endo about an insulin pump & they said that we could apply at ANY time....So, alot of talking happened, alot of research on insulin pumps, a few calls to the insurance company....and about 4 weeks later....We have a large box containing all the items needed to start pumping.    I am amazed at how fast & smooth the process of obtaining a pump was.    It took the insurance company a mere 6 days to contact the pump company to approve her insulin pump.   yah insurance company....  :o)

Now that we have this "box" of items.....I think that I may have some cold feet....I have so many questions & am ready to start researching more.   That is what I do...haha.   I educate myself as much as humanly possible on something & then pray that God will lead me to the right decision.  

We likely won't have pumping classes until after April husband has to be out of town twice between now & then....and I really don't want to tackle this by myself  :o)   I will be calling to set up our "corrections classes" on Tuesday....probably a good idea that we aren't doing both at the same time...might cause some brain overload  :o)