Sunday, May 29, 2011

....Random Thoughts..

...sitting here this morning, thinking about how amazing my little Sydney is.   I hate this disease "Diabetes" & everything about it....but, it is not gonna get my little Sunshine girl down.  

She started her insulin pump about 4 weeks ago....She decided a couple weeks, that she should know how to push the buttons & make it deliver insulin...."You know, I am gonna be 7"     You should see the look on adults faces as she whips it off her waistband, asks the amount of carbs & goes through all the steps....Yes, she is pretty much amazing.....

I wish that I could make it all go away.....but I can't.   Sydney shows me everyday that it is going to be OK.  I may be exhausted from doing night checks, and working all day.....but, she says something quirky or something way beyond her years.....and its all better.   I know that she is gonna be fine.   I will do everything in my "mommy" power to make sure that she is fine....the rest is in God's hands. 

....a little photoshoot

Saturday, May 14, 2011 is official...PUMPING HAS BEGUN

So.....We started pumping on April 30th...a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  We had a fun....but somewhat stressful day.   Having a blowout on the way to Children's Mercy was NOT on the agenda of the day....but it happened & we got through it...Maybe that was God's way of letting us know that even when Life throws you a curve, you accelerate through it...and then pull over &  change your

I love, love, ,love the pump so far.   I don't however love, love, love Sydney's numbers right now....BUT, that too will change when we get her insulin settings adjusted....this too shall pass  :o)  So, if you ask me how she is doing...she is doing GREAT....just don't ask about her numbers  :o)  I realize too that as she grows, gets sick, weather changes...and the WIND blows...we will continually be making adjustments.

For those of you that "think" a pump solves everything...THINK AGAIN!!!   We still have to check her blood glucose & actually we are checking it MORE right now, due to night checks...I am sure you have heard me mention "night checks"....We have to check her blood glucose every 2 to 3 hrs during the night.  So, we have alarms set for 11:55pm....2:55am....and 5:55am.........Which means that we have been extremely tired & trying to get back to sleep is not an easy task.

When she eats ANY foods with carbs....we have to enter that info into her pump & give her the appropriate amount of doesn't do IT itself.    Some of the reasons we went to the pump.....NO shots, 1 poke (like a shot) every 2 days....and the pump allows us to give Sydney EXACTLY the amount of insulin that she needs....when we were giving shots, we could only dose in 1/2 unit increments....the pump allows us to give insulin in increments of   0.025......yes...not 0.25 but 0.025....AMAZING  :o)  The insulin pump is said to be the "gold" treatment for Type 1 diabetics...and I want the BEST for my daughter.

Going back to school the Monday after getting the pump was an exciting, but daunting was like starting ALL over.   Here I was....just learning everything & then trying to teach everyone that I needed to, what to do...   I think that I did OK....I HOPE that I did OK.   I think that I made 5 trips back and forth to school that day & ended the day with a meeting with some of Sydney's teachers and other appropriate school staff.   I ended up typing a "step by step" on how to use the pump, in between my trips....all I really wanted was a nap that

The last couple weeks have kind of flown by....most days I feel like I am sleep walking...doing everything in "auto pilot".   I am learning that most people don't and won't EVER realize what it is like to be the parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes....I wish that I didn't know.   I do KNOW that I am strong, and when I feel weak...GOD will lift me up & give me strength...

The reality that THIS is Sydney's Life....hurts.   It hurts because I cannot fix it....I am her MOM....I can usually fix most things....this one is in God's hands.   I am trusting Him with her path....God.....keep her Safe...keep her Strong...keep her Brave...and never let her Sunshine fade....