Monday, November 12, 2012

...a "new" normal.

A couple years ago I was a happy go lucky kind of mom....having those moments of "mommy" frustration but still managing to have:  a clean house, laundry done (pretty much, TIME for all the extras like friends, etc., I lived up to my own OCD exercised ALOT.....this was my "normal". 

Today....we have a new "normal"......I AM that same house is not clean, on most days laundry is a "situation", I no longer am organized in any fashion.... I "think" about exercising ALOT....I MISS my friends....I MISS not having to plan for every little trip outside of town...across town for that matter....some days...I HATE that little meter bag.  Our new normal includes finger pokes, night checks, insulin, an  insulin pump, fundraising, doctors appointments, phone calls from school, and sooo much more.

Most days I try to be encouraging to others....somedays it is all I can do to encourage myself.  Today is one of those days.... one of those days that I wish I could take it all away from her....I wish I could heal her body.  I wish she didn't have to do stupid finger pokes, insulin pump site changes, wear the pump 24/7, count every carb in everything she eats.....  Today...I wish she had a break. 

Today....I don't want to worry if the pharmacy gave me the correct amount of insulin, ketostix, I just want to "pretend"...this isn't our "normal". is.  ....and I know that God will get me through this day....He will help me find my smile, my motivation, my "sass"...He will give me encouraging moments today....He will provide me with Grace. a day with 1 set of footprints.....and a couple Kleenex's. 

One DAY at a TIME ........even Super Ninja D momma's are allowed weak moments.  They give us time to gather strength, reflect, and become even stronger.  It is OK to have a weak moment, it is OK to get mad & frustrated.....God does not give you more than you can handle & He does NOT expect you to be perfect.  I believe He asks us to cast our troubles on Him....and He will take care of the rest.


  1. Amen sista! I can so relate to "most days I try be encouraging to others... Some days it's all I can do to be encouraging to myself". So true, and it's okay.

  2. Thank you Lora......Strong is a word I would "like" to define myself...but I am good for a few weak moments